Why Us

At Ultim8 Fitness we appreciate brilliant design and quality engineering that combined gives us luxurious desirable fitness equipment built to highest specifications and standards.
We are not seduced by gimmicks or price we only select the finest equipment for our prestigious brand. We partner with manufacturers around the world that share our ethos and standards. We don’t take their word for it and regularly audit every process of the manufacturing and supply chain to ensure the product meet our high standards.
Innovation is important to us so we look to bring to the market the new ideas and innovations and the latest trends in the fitness and beauty industry. To achieve this we regularly circle the globe visiting suppliers, trade fairs and new markets.
After sales is what separates the best from the good so we strive to deal with any issue that may arrive quickly and generously. We have a team of engineers that cover the UK and Ireland to rectify any problems or issues or simply install the equipment in your home or business

Paul Healey

Managing Director